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  • David Geffen

Brief aus Jerusalem

Aktualisiert: 2. Nov. 2023

Dear all. I begin with this sentence from the pen of Professor Ed Greenstein of Jerusalem because I am sure it expresses what you feel at this very critical, dangerous moment in the history of Israel. "We are of course concerned for the well-being of all our soldiers, and citizens, and we very much hope and pray that all your children and grandchildren will be safe as we negotiate this terrible war that has been thrust upon us". Clearly, here, we all know that you are moving heaven and earth to help in so many ways.That is what bolsters us as we send our children and grandchildren to defend Israel. We know that you are with us I want to make that very clear. Without your help and encouragement, we would feel that we are floating alone in the vast ocean of constant attacks from the north and south. The Jewish people has, in the last century, faced the terrible annihilation of Jews in the Holocaust. There were several human answers, especially Jewish ones, which finally ended those horrors. The main one is that 550,000 American Jews fought bravely in World War II, the casualties were immense. In most synagogues in America you will find plaques with the names of synagogue members and their families who were killed in WW2. In all of the armies of the world in WW2 one million five hundred thousand Jews fought. The Holocaust ended but its remains, human beings, should never be forgotten. We are not asking you to come and fight for Israel since our nation has Zahal, our army, to protect us. We are asking you to recognize how "piercing to our nation" was the surprise attack. Be very sure, this is not the time to examine what happened - the revival of our forces and the resolve shown are the factors which are most critical now. However, Hezbullah in the north has seized the opportunity to make that border a field of fighting too. Israel's troops are strong and are fighting with determination in that area of the country. Many of us here take pride in the fact that our grandchildren are manning their posts throughout the countryr nation.. Are we afraid for them - absolutely because war is war. The focus in any war is killing the enemy. This war is no different. Sure you have all heard at different times "why did that person make aliyah just so his or her children would be in the army and have to fight." We of us from, whatever country we came, wanted our children to grow up in their homeland. However, because Israel is in such a dangerous area spewing forth hatred, we understood that our youth would have to protect us. In war after war, even in the surprise attack Yom Kippur war the backbone of our army, our youth, saved the nation. This war is the most difficult for Israel. Already 1300 citizens have been killed, 126 hostages, Israeli babies to senior citizens, are in the hands of Hamas who could butcher as they butchered civilians in the surprise attack. I hope that many of the 6 million Jews in the USA and the millions more Christianns will choose how they want to help. These are extraordinary times when we can rise valiantly, not on the fighting field, but in any way you can. I am just a lone voice - I speak for no organization - I am just an Israeli citizen, who chose to live here. I and my family have fought in two American wars; my children in 4 Israeli war and now my grandchildren in 2 wars or their first war. Am I frightened - I surely am - You should be aware all American citizens living, studying or working here have the right to get on an American ship and leave. None of my family and all of my first cousinns' families are leaving. Eretz Yisrael SheLanu - our Israel. Do what you feel you can - know that we, Israelis, represent you as well as ourselves. Am Yisrael Chai In this battle for existence - we are all one. Shalom shalom Your friend David Geffen

Schalom aus Jerusalem

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